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brandA company’s success has a lot to do with how the organization and its products are perceived by consumers. And how a company is perceived depends on the identity of its brand. Whether you already have a successful brand strategy or you’re still in the planning phase, these quick branding tips will help polish your brand’s perception.

Create a Stellar “About Us” Page

It’s one of the most neglected pages on many company Websites, but often one of the most visited. The “About Us” page is your chance to tell the world who your company is and what products or services you offer, so it definitely deserves some attention.

Besides having a killer design, your “About Us” page requires substance as well. It’s your chance to convey your company’s values, goals, accomplishments, and personality. You’ll want the basics: concise copy explaining the origins of your company and what you’re all about, the products or services you offer, and readily available contact information.

This is also a great place to showcase your relationships with current and previous clients. You could provide a list of companies you’ve worked with in the past, collect testimonials from satisfied clients, and mention awards you’ve earned from past projects.

Integrate Social Media

In the past year, social media has solidified itself at the forefront of new marketing techniques. By integrating social media into your Website, you’ll increase traffic to your site and make connections you may not have otherwise.

Start by finding out what social networking sites your audience is most involved with. For example, if you’re targeting the coveted 18-24 demographic, Facebook will be your best bet since about 30% of its 500 million users are within this age range. After you’ve joined your social network, consistently update your page with new and interesting content.

Social media sites also introduced a new and useful way to directly communicate with your customers. If people are using your products or services, chances are they’re talking about your business online. In the age of social media, immediacy is crucial. Make sure to monitor what people are saying about your organization and respond to any questions or concerns in a timely manner.

Consistency Is Key

Frequency, consistency, and relevancy are all crucial to building a strong and recognizable brand. It’s for these reasons that brands like Apple and Disney are so successful. Both companies consistently reinforce their brand identity through products, Websites — virtually everything they release to the public.

Apple, for instance, projects a sleek, hip image that is reinforced through ad campaigns and innovative products. Disney, on the other hand, has continually projected a wholesome, family-friendly image since its start in the 1920s. If you’re looking for Disney type success, you’ll want to first decide on your brand’s identity. What do your brand and company stand for? Who do you want to appeal to? Your brand’s identity will determine how your customers perceive your business. And that brand perception should be carried on throughout all marketing initiatives.

With relevance and consistency, your customers are more likely to remember your company.

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