10 Traits of Self-Motivated People

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86802151Have you ever asked yourself what separates highly motivated, highly successful people from everyone else?

No matter what walk of life they come from, people who are motivated to achieve success share certain traits, says Gail Cohen, lecturer and consultant who is the author of Thinking Outside the Lines: Power Thinking for the 21st Century.

“There are 10 things that are common denominators — 10 things that highly successful people do that you can do and I can do,” Cohen says.

As you read through the list, consider which attributes you already possess and which ones you need to improve upon, she advises.

Highly-motivated people …

1. Have extraordinary purpose

They set their goals high and are always reaching for the top.

2. Are willing to take risks

They have the confidence to step out of their comfort zone to try new ideas or strategies.

3. Participate fully in life

They take part in their organizations, in their families, and in their communities.

4. Are energetic

They’re willing to jump in and take things on — and have the mental energy necessary to get it done.

5. Are humble

They’re not afraid to admit they don’t know it all. They’re eager to keep growing.

6. Are committed to life-long learning

They know their stuff and are always in the process of learning more.

7. Possess an attitude of success

They act as if it were impossible for them to fail, as if their success was a done deal.

8. Are persistent — with options

They never give up until they succeed, but they’re willing to try a variety of options to get what they want rather than to keep hitting their head against the same brick wall.

9. Strive for health in all aspects of their lives

They work hard to take care of themselves physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and socially.

10. Rise above adversity

They rise above the small stuff to achieve greatness in their lives.


Find yourself lacking in some of these areas? Identify others you know who possess these traits and ask them to mentor you or find out how they went about developing these attributes, Cohen recommends. Read about famous people who have the characteristics you’d like to improve in yourself and see what you can learn from their experiences.

Make a concerted effort to integrate the traits of highly motivated people into your behaviors, and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can achieve in your personal and professional life.

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