Free White Paper: Enhance Training ROI with Individual Development Plans

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IDP_WP fcThe Individual Development Plan (IDP) process has become a dreaded once-a-year chore. It’s an exercise of filling out forms and checking boxes. The performance objectives are all too often nonspecific and crafted to sound good. Feedback is equally generic and canned. This is a lose-lose proposition for everyone involved.

It’s time that training directors and organizational leaders recognize the value of IDPs if they expect to maximize training ROI. These IDPs, or learning paths, chart a course of development for an individual by providing targeted live and online training. They are “living documents” to guide the conversation and activity around an individual’s development. Best-practice organizations are creating their own unique IDPs for their specific skill proficiency requirements.

How to proceed in transforming the IDP process depends on the organization, but the starting point is to learn why it’s so important and discuss it at various levels of the organization.

Download the From Road Map to GPS: Enhancing Training ROI by Bringing Individual Development Plans to Life white paper to learn more about the importance of IDPs.

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