Top 10 Office Pet Peeves

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86500681Every workplace has them — those employees who just know how to push your buttons and get your blood boiling. LinkedIn, a popular networking site for professionals, conducted a global survey to learn about people’s biggest office pet peeves. Not surprisingly, the answers varied by country. It turns out Americans can’t tolerate coworkers who raid the refrigerator, while hardworking laborers in Japan are ready to strangle the office prankster.

Regardless of the country, pet peeves seem to run rampant in the workplace. Here are the top 10 office pet peeves expressed by professionals all over the world:


  1. “Didn’t Do It” Donna wins the People’s Choice award for the most annoying office pet peeve. The overwhelming responses from professionals all over the world indicate that the person who never owns up to his or her mistakes is the most annoying individual in the office.  Donna never takes responsibility for her own actions and is quick to pass the buck to one of her coworkers.


  1. Unresponsive Ricky ran a close second with Donna, but he never got back to us when we attempted to email him about his nomination. People who don’t respond to their office emails and messages generally miss out on the big prize.


  1. Mike the Muncher chomps and crunches on snacks throughout the entire workday, contributing to the irritability of Wilson the Whiner.


  1. Wilson the Whiner is a close friend of Negative Nelly. It doesn’t take much to set Wilson to whining. Somebody better tell Mike to put away those potato chips before Wilson complains again. Then again, maybe Mike’s munching will drown out the sighs of frustration coming from his co-workers.


  1. Prankster Paul is never without an annoying joke or exasperating trick up his sleeve. While practical jokes can be funny, enough is simply enough. Give it a rest, Paul.


  1. Messy Martha constantly leaves her lunchtime mess scattered on the breakroom table, and her desk looks like a hurricane just blew through the office. Speaking of wind, has anyone seen William?


  1. Windy William always has something to say. Whether he goes on too long at meetings or carries on forever at the water cooler, William is never at a loss for words.


  1. Late Kate needs an alarm clock so that she can get to work on time. She generally takes long lunch breaks and is the first one to leave the office every day.


  1. Gossiper Gary knows all there is to know about his coworkers. Unfortunately, it is not a genuine interest, and most of it probably isn’t true.


  1.  Fred the Forager hungrily haunts the break-room refrigerator when no one is looking. You might catch him munching on Mike’s pretzels or quickly downing the last of Martha’s Mountain Dew.


Loud Lou, Negative Nellie, and Pervert Pete came close to making the list, but they simply couldn’t compete with the likes of gossipers, munchers, and fools. Who knew your coworkers were annoyed by irresponsible, messy, irritable jerks who raid the fridge and show up late every day?

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