Webinar: How to Be an Idea Machine

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It’s been said that you’re only as good as your last great idea. There’s a lot of pressure to be creative in today’s work environment. You need to be able to innovate. When you practice the tricks and techniques you’ll learn in How to Be an Idea Machine, you’ll learn how to brush the cobwebs off your creativity, break through the barriers that are holding you back, and reenergize and refocus your thinking. You’ll discover how to free yourself from your own preconceptions and how to create an atmosphere that encourages free thinking.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understanding how brainstorming techniques work: determining the kind that works best for you
  • The right space: creating a free-thinking environment
  • Keeping your mind flexible by seeking knowledge and inspiration
  • Setting the rules for your brainstorming session
  • Keeping track of idea nuggets — and how to devote real time to them later
  • 5 creative tools you can use to look at challenges from new angles

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