Webinar: Leadership Lessons from North America’s Best Places to Work

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106382325It’s no secret that some of the world’s biggest companies are also consistently rated among the best to work for. Google, Aflac, Microsoft, Ernst & Young — these organizations know the importance of employee happiness in regard to performance. And they tend to share common traits that keep them consistently rated as some of the best places to work.

Now you can learn their secrets. Leadership Lessons From North America’s Best Places to Work is a one-hour webinar in which you’ll learn the common characteristics shared by North America’s best places to work — and how to apply them to your organization! Learn the secrets top companies use to prevent employee issues, have a higher retention rate, and keep morale and productivity sky-high!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn why the same organizations tend to be at the top of the list every year
  • Commonalities of companies that make the list
  • Why trust matters in building great organizational relationships
  • Benefits of America’s Best Companies and what they bring to customers
  • The hidden benefit of being a great place to work
  • Best practices you can easily implement in your workplace

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