3 Free Apps to Keep Your Project on Track

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Use one of these free tools to effectively manage your workload and mitigate project inaccuracies


Project management is important. It can save time, increase productivity, and fill the cracks that projects are apt to fall through. But project management software of days past lacks the tools vital to modern day workflow. And they’re about as visually appealing as staring at a brick wall. Thankfully, a few companies have brought project management software up-to-date through intuitive and beautifully designed programs.

Gone are the days of sifting through scattered email chains to find the relevant discussion about a project. Say goodbye to poorly designed and hard-to-use software. Use one of these free solutions to keep your project on track.





To the developers of Asana, white boards, meetings and email are the enemy. Designed by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, Asana sets out to streamline projects and everything that comes with them. That means instead of utilizing email for status updates, assigning tasks, and project discussions, Asana compiles all of these tools in one place.

Free for up to 15 users, Asana comes packed with project management features. You start by creating a project, then the various tasks it will take to complete the project. Assign each task to a user with due dates. Users can attach documents to, comment on, and update the status of the project. And with its modern aesthetic and user-friendly experience, you’ll forget you’re working with a project management program.

Visit asana.com to learn more.




Producteev wants you to know that it’s more than an online to-do list. It’s a robust task-manager that allows you to create projects, assign tasks, and get real-time status updates. Free for unlimited users and projects, Producteev is perfect for large organizations.

Producteev includes many of the same features and functions as Asana, but comes with powerful tracking tools that set it apart. Have an email you want to turn into a project task? Just forward it to task@producteev.com. And the Audit Trail feature provides a complete history of every action taken on a task.

Visit producteev.com to learn more.




Trello is project management software for the spatially-minded. Employing the Kanban scheduling system developed by former Toyota VP Taiichi Ohno to improve assembly line production, Trello uses lists and cards to create a visual representation of your projects and tasks.

Trello’s design gives it a Pinterest-of-project-management feel. Your Trello board houses your lists, or projects. Lists are comprised of various cards, or tasks. Assign cards to your team and a due date to each card. Your team can add comments and attach files, among other things, to each card. The best part? It’s all free.

Visit trello.com to learn more.


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