Sunny Side Up: How to Stay Positive at Work

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Your happiness is in your hands. It’s a matter of perspective. That’s what Amy Spencer writes for

We’ve all known people who can turn lemons into lemonade. Rather than seeing a failed project, they’re quick to remind themselves that they’re now one step closer to doing things right. Quick to tally the small components that did work … or might be possible.

Imagine you find out your boss is leaving your organization. The person who will replace her has a reputation for playing favorites and making unreasonable requests. How can you stay positive and control your building anxiety?

Negative thinking takes many forms. Here are a few outlined by

  1. All-or-nothing thinking: You set unrealistic standards. Anything less than perfect is failure.
  2. Disqualifying the positives: Life is just one disappointment after another
  3. Negative self-labeling: You’re flawed in some way
  4. Catastrophizing: You imagine the worst
  5. Dwelling on pain: Dwelling on something in the hope that it will make you feel better

Here are some methods for staying positive when faced with the situation above or any negative situation:

Control your reaction. Take time to calm down before reacting.

Stay focused on the present. Anything can happen. Focus on continuing to produce high-quality work.

Smile. It helps change your mood.

Rephrase the situation. Stop speaking of the situation in a negative way. Change your words to help change how you feel.

Remember you always have choices. Almost every situation has a way out should things become unbearable.

Consider the positives. Take time to think about and itemize the good aspects of the situation.

Try not to jump to conclusions. Rumors and opinions are not always objective. Stay open-minded and discover the truth on your own.

You can learn to see the glass as half full. Don’t overreact when faced with a negative situation. Stay calm, focused and rational. Accentuate the positives and practice speaking about them. You have power over your own point of view. Happiness isn’t a function of the situation, but rather how you see the situation. Cultivate seeing the positive.

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